June 5th, 2012 – The Entrepreneurship Support Program for Refugee Empowerment (ESPRE) today announced that it would open call for micro-credit loans to entrepreneurs with a refugee background. The program is designed to provide loans of a maximum of one million yen (maximum), alongside technical assistance to support the entrepreneurs and help them succeed in their business endeavor.

1. Purpose and Goal of ESPRE

ESPRE seeks to support entrepreneurs with a refugee background and invest in them as a means of empowerment for the entrepreneurs and community development for the larger Japanese community. By supporting the entrepreneurs with financial loans and technical assistance, ESPRE aims to change the general image of refugees from “burden” to “human capitals” capable of revitalizing Japanese society.

2. Application Date and Briefing Session

 Open call for application:              Tuesday June 5th of 2012

Application Deadline:                    Monday June 18th of 2012

3. Program Eligibility

 Detail: please see Annex or https://espre.org/apply/

Candidates sought: Refugee in Japan who has a strong will and commitment to her/his business

Number of supports available: 2 to 3

About the Press Release

Entrepreneur Support Program for Refugee Empowerment: Masaru Yoshiyama or Kunihiko Kabe

TEL: +81 3-5379-6001    FAX:+81 3-5379-6002

Email: info@espre.org


Organization Summary

The Entrepreneur Support Program for Refugee Empowerment (ESPRE) is a Non Profit Organization, originally proposed and established by an NPO, the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR), which provides comprehensive support to refugees in Japan. On March 1st, ESPRE was approved by the Japanese government to engage in microfinance operation for refugees.